Dirty Dancing

Be My Baby

GThe night we Emimet I knew I
Amineeded you D7so.
GAnd if I Emihad the chance I'd
Aminever let you D7go.
H7So won't you say you love me,
EI'll make you so proud of me.
AWe'll make them turn their heads
Devery place we D7go.

So won't you Gplease (Be my be my ...)
Be my little Emibaby (My one and only...)
Say you'll be my Cdarlin' (Be my be my...)
Be my baby Dnow, D7oh ho ho ho.

I'll make you happy baby,
just wait and see,
for every kiss you give me,
I'll give you three.
Oh, since the day I saw you,
I have been waiting for you,
You know I will adore you
till eternity.

OST Dirty Dancing