Osama Song

I have never been more popular in my life
since I carried a big mad knife!

DI am a little Taliban
I come from the country of AfAghaniDstan.
If I am gone die in a big "crach"
it is the will of almighty Allah.
I didn't get the money for the vacation
so I joint the terrorist organization.
I learnt to fly a plane from a friend
but he forgot to teach me to land.

I Dlove my papa I love my mama
but most of all I Alove ODsama. (2x)

I am feeling the most happy
when I hear the scream (aah) of Yabi.
I don't care much where I am going
becouse I'll ride 707 a Boeing.
I make sure that USA will remember
the date of eleven of September.
We chose this day becouse of this
It's the international Day of Peace.


And I would be a real nice lad,
if I won into Jihad.
For just because of this one attack
Americans want to bomb us back.
I know that retaliation would come
and it's a great convention for Islam.
It's not a much but now I can
see my house on CNN.

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