I wish I Were

Dmi G 4x

DmiI wish I Gwere in Dmilove with Gyou
Dmithere’s nothing GI want Dmimore. G
DmiShe is so Glovely and Dmieasy to Gtalk to
DmiI wish I Ghad her Dminever sayGin' no.

The Frain is coming down but I do not Ccare
is Gmicoming down Dmihard now I Emijust keep to Astare.
I Dmiknow she Gwill be Dmithere G
she will be DmitheG-Dmire.

DI wish I Ghad a Dlot of Gmoney
Dand a Ghouse for Dhoney. G
DI’ll buy a Gcar with a Dsilver Gstar
Dand miniGskirt or Delse she might Gfeel hurt.


DI wish I Gwere a DgentleGman
Da mighty Gjet old Dman. G
DI’m sure they Gnever tell me Dno G
Dand will be Gwilling to Dlet her Ggo.

The rain is coming down but I do not care
is coming down hard now I wish I wouldn't scared.
I’m here and she’s still somewhere.
She's somewhe-re.
She's somewhe-re.
She's somewhe---re...