The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

Emi G D Dsus4 Cadd9 Asus2

EmiNo one knows what it's Glike
to be the Dbad man Dsus4
to be the Cadd9sad man
beAsus2hind blue eyes.

No one knows what it's like
to be hated
to be fated
to telling only lies.

But my CdreDams
they aren't as Gempty
as my Cconscience Dseems to Ebe.
I have Hsus2hours, only Clonely
my love is Dvengeance
that's never Asus2free.

No one knows what it's like
to feel these feelings
like I do
and I blame you.

No one bites back as hard
on their anger
none of my pain and woe
can show through.


E Hsus2 A
EWhen my fist Hsus2clenches, Acrack it Eopen.
Before I Hmiuse it and Gloose my Dcool.
When I Hsus2smile, tell Ame some Dbad news.
Before I Hmilaugh and Aact like a Efool. Hsus2 A
EAnd if I Hsus2swallow Aanything Eevil.
Put your Hmifinger Gdown my Dthroat.
And if I Hsus2shiver, Aplease give me a Dblanket.
Keep me Hmiwarm, let Ame wear your Ecoat. Hsus2 A

Hsus2 A D (x3)

No one knows what it's like
to be the bad man
to be the sad man
behind blue eyes.
Transcribed by: Ian C.T. vom Saal