Queen - We Are The Champions Chords

I've paid my Cmidues Gmi7/C
And time after Cmitime Gmi7/C
I've done my Cmisentence Gmi7/C
But commited no Cmicrime Gmi7/C
And bad miEbstakes G#
I've made a Ebfew G#
I've had my Ebshare of sand B/Dkicked in my Cmiface
But F7I've come Bthrough.
(And I need to go on and on and on and Con.)

F We are the Amichampions, my Dmifriend B C
And Fwe'll keep on Amifighting till the Bend. D/F#
GmiWe are the champions, Bmiwe are the Bdimchampions
FNo time for Eb/Gloosers cause G#6we are the B7champions Cmi7
Of the Fmi7world. Gm7/C

I've taken my Cmibows Gmi7/C
And my curtain Cmicalls Gmi7/C
You brought me Cmifame and fortune
And everything that Gmi7/Cgoes with it
I thank you Cmiall. Gmi7/C
But it's been no bed of Ebroses G#
No pleasure Ebcruise G#
I consider it a Ebchallenge
Before the B/Dwhole human Cmirace
And F7I ain't gonna Blose.
(And I need to go on and on and on and Con.)