Opus - Live Is Life

Ami Dmi G 2x

Ami NaDminananaGna.
Nanananana. (All together now!)

AmiLife! (naDminananaGna)
Life is Amilife! (naDminananaGna)
Labadab dab dab Amilife! (naDminananaGna)
Li-i-Amiife! (naDminananaGna)

When we Amiall give the Fpower
we Dmiall give the Gbest.
Every minute of an hour
don't think about the rest.
And you all get the power
you all get the best.
When everyone gets everything
and every song everybody sings.


Life is Clife, when we Dmiall feel the Gsus4power. G
Life is life, come on stand up and dance.
Life is life, when the feelings of the people.
Life is life, is the feeling of the band.