Crowded House - Weather With You

Emi7 Asus4 Emi7 Asus4


Walking 'round the Emi7room singing Stormy Asus4Weather
at 5Emi77 Mount Pleasant Asus4Street.
Now it's the Emi7same room but everything's Asus4different,
you can fight the Emi7sleep but not the Asus4dream.

Dmi Things ain't Ccookin'
Dmi in my Ckitchen.
Dmi Strange affCliction wash Fover me.
Dmi Julius CCaesar
Dmi and the Roman CEmpire
Dmi couldn't Cconquer the Fblue skGy.

Emi7 Asus4 Emi7 Asus4

There's a Emi7small boat made of Asus4china
going Emi7nowhere on the mantelAsus4piece.
Do I Emi7lie like a loungeroom Asus4lizard
or do I Emi7sing like a bird reAsus4leased? A7sus4

Everywhere you A7sus4go,
you always take the Dweather with you.
Everywhere you A7sus4go,
you always take the Dweather.
Everywhere you A7sus4go,
you always take the Gweather with you.
Everywhere you F#migo,
you always take the Emiweather,
the Aweather with Emi7you.

Emi7 Asus4 Emi7 Asus4