Across the Universe

DWords are flowing Hmiout like endless
F#mirain into a paper cup
They Emi7slither while they pass they slip
aAway across the UniA7verse.
DPools of sorrow, Hmiwaves of joy are
F#midrifting through my opened mind
PoEmi7ssessing and caGmiressing me.

DJai Guru Deva A7sus4Om.
A7Nothing's gonna change my world.
GNothing's gonna change my Dworld.
A7Nothing's gonna change my world
GNothing's gonna change my Dworld.

DImages of Hmibroken light which
F#midance before me like a million Emi7eyes
They call me on and on aAcross the UniA7verse.
DThoughts meander Hmilike a restless
F#miwind inside a letterbox
They Emi7tumble blindly as they make their
Away across the UniA7verse.


DSounds of laughter, Hmishades of earth are
F#miringing through my opened ears
InEmi7citing and inGmiviting me.
DLimitless, unHmidying love which
F#mishines around me like a million Emi7suns
And calls me on and on aAcross the UniA7verse.


DJai Guru Deva...